Designing for Usability Group Project

Please read my partners post for additional information, results and insights:

We came to the conclusion that we must scale the original idea of a portfolio sharing page down to what’s essential: sharing with HR professionals. To be exact, we focused on live sharing during one-on-one meetings with recruiters, for example at virtual career events. We decided to create a tool that would work at the New School, since the school is hosting several events already on campus. Previously, they happened offline, but since 2020 the school managed to successfuly organize conferences and career events online.

Thanks to existing tools like Hire New (a career platform operated by the school) and other event management tools, the New School offers a working ecosystem which is ideal for an extension specifically designed for artistic students. So our solution would technically close the gap between companies and students in the virtual world. Event management would still mostly happen on New School channels and existing tools, which would interact with our tool.

Example of the Hire New tool currently used by the New School to organize career services:

Students can manage and edit their profile on the existing Hire New tool, which would ensure a smooth and real-time integration into our system. At the same time, recruiters can continue to post their jobs on Hire New and use our solution to speak and interact with interested students. Hire New manages the data, our solution manages inter-personal connections between students and companies.

This is the new user journey:

We have tested our first wireframes in black and white in order to let users focus on interaction and structure instead of colors.

Next, we must iterate the previous wireframe again. Please review my ideas for the next iteration, which would include the following changes:

  • Information about the student (based on Hire New profile)

Finally, the New School would be a representative use cases for many more design schools. Our solution could be implemented in many different institutions and would cater to the needs of both, students and recruiters. It would bring online campus recruiting to the next level.

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