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Patricia Parnet
3 min readMay 30, 2024
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Talent communities are often associated with static newsletters. But many consulting firms such as McKinsey, BCG and PwC are also really active on Instagram. Social media is the perfect place to get a real impression and stay informed about events or jobs. Views are my own.

Let’s be honest, who likes reading emails? Thanks to Insta, it’s time to say goodbye to passive career communities! Many companies that offer the 1–2 year international VIE Program are also represented on social media.

If you’re specifically looking for career profiles in Germany, please click here. Below is a list of names and links to relevant consulting Instagram accounts that are operated directly by companies (US or Global):


@ mckinseyco

🔗 Link↗



🔗 Link↗

Bain & Company


🔗 Link↗



🔗 Link↗



🔗 Link↗



🔗 Link↗

E.ON Inhouse Consulting


🔗 Link↗



🔗 Link↗

MHP — A Porsche Company


🔗 Link↗

Roland Berger

@ roland.berger

🔗 Link↗

Oliver Wyman


🔗 Link↗

Keep in mind that details and names may change from time to time.

Why should you follow career pages on Instagram?

Company careers pages on Instagram are an insider tip when looking for a job. Compared to traditional newsletters, they are much more dynamic and engaging. You receive regular updates about events, workshops and job offers directly in your feed, as a reel or in the stories. Posts are also much more authentic. Working students or interns are often responsible for the content, which makes everything more personal. Click here to find out what a working student is and how to apply.

On social media, you can get to know the corporate culture better and respond quickly to new opportunities. Special events such as Girl’s Day, the annual STEM Careers Initiative, are also presented here. Over time, the algorithm also recognizes what you like and shows you paid ads from other companies that offer exciting workshops and events. This not only makes your job search easier, but also more engaging and enjoyable.

If you are interested in a career abroad, you should definitely follow local career sites. Find out here what tips you should consider when applying internationally.

Pro Tip: Send a DM to the career account!

Yes, you’ve read that right: You can also send a DM (Direct Message) to official career accounts. If you want to improve your job chances and no contact details are available in classic job ads, sending a DM to the Instagram profile of a company career page is an effective idea. This option is actually not used very often because many people have no idea that it even works.

As the channels are usually moderated by a social media team or at least an agency, the chances of receiving a response are not too bad. By doing so, you show initiative and interest in the position. You may even be remembered particularly well because you have chosen a rather unconventional communication channel. This will help you stand out from other applicants. Moreover, you can ask specific questions and communicate directly with the team.

In some cases, you may never receive a response. This is probably due to the fact that the account is not continuously maintained and has nothing to do with the quality of your questions. By the way, comments are also a good idea, which you can use for questions or feedback, for instance. The response rate is usually quite high. Give it a try!

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