Asuka & Patricia

Our class project consists of a video call tool that is specifically designed for creative people. It should help students to boost their career by closing the gap between students and recruiters from external companies. …

Reading Reflection

This is such an important topic which -still- tends to be forgotten or overlooked way too often in our society. I’m personally very interested in accessible and inclusive design, not only in digital environments but also in the real world.

As a healthy young person who is able…

Designing for Usability Class, 2021

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For this class, I’m researching the field of job applications, specifically creative portfolios with the aim to create a more user-friendly and more efficient approach for students. Please read more about the project in my previous post.

If you know me, you probably also know…

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I’m researching the domain of Online Portfolios with my project partner in order to design a user-friendly solution within two weeks. The idea is based on the following statement:

For creatives (artists, writers, designers…), portfolios reflect personal abilities and play a big role in their careers, but many of them…

Personas Make Users Memorable for Product Team Members by Norman Nielsen Group

It is almost impossible to work in the field of human-centered design without using personas at one point or another. The core idea of a persona is to better understand the situation of a fictive, yet extremely accurate…

Designing for Usability

I’ve interviewed my classmate about his cultural probe topic or personal issue.

Do you feel busy today?

I feel busy every day and on the weekends. Most of my days are filled with working a full time job. And also, trying to complete a graduate degree which…

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Reading Reflection: Designing for Usability

Cultural Probes by William Gaver

I was eager to explore the author’s definition of cultural probes, as probes are things that are not 100% finalized, yet they can be very close to the desired end result. The cultural aspect tends to be overlooked by some designers when it comes to…

Patricia Parnet

🎓⚠️Class projects only! Design Thinker and UI/UX Designer, who loves to create smart and accessible solutions for complex industries.

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